Our Story

For over 30 years, Vasari has been committed to providing luxury and artisan menswear at an affordable price. The choice of fabrics, precision tailoring and fine craftsmanship coupled with suave designs will undoubtedly make you stand out in a crowd.

At Vasari, it is our endeavor to imbue menswear with a unique sense of style and purpose that will set our customers apart from even the most discerning eye. With vibrant colors and fine craftsmanship set upon premium linen fabric our product/shirts guarantee an elegant ensemble for the stylish Indian man. We believe in creating an experience for our customers that incorporates a quality product with expert, comfort tailoring for a reasonable price.

Enriched by the diversity of India, our inspiration stems from our deep respect and love for unique Indian art forms. The rich legacy of  embroidery has influenced our designs binding us to the traditional and rooting us in our heritage and culture. Our collections are characteristic of the this fusion bringing a hint of India, through floral epithets, geometric patterns or motifs, to our clientele.

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